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Chaozhou TongHeng Technology Co., Ltd.

Address:The middle of the street garden development zone,Xiangqiao District,Chaozhou,Guangdong,China


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Enterprise values: 
Products: focus on professional, innovation and upgrading, the pursuit of excellence, excellence! 
Customers: lead the market demand, exceed customer expectations! 
Staff: adhere to self growth, master core capabilities, to achieve career sharing!
Corporate vision:
Become a sound industry's well-known brands, to provide customers with quality services, to create a platform for staff to achieve their dreams
Team values:
Customers for the innovation to create a better future for unity and fraternity
Since its inception, Chaozhou Tongheng Technology Co., Ltd. has been committed to become a research and development, design, production and sales of high-tech audio enterprises, on the other hand, also do not forget to train outstanding business teams, production teams and experienced engineers and technicians.

As the core competitiveness of an enterprise, corporate culture has a crucial impact on the business performance of an enterprise. The company is strict with the work of its employees, only to produce better products to give back to the majority of customers, the life of employees are family-like care.
TongHeng Technology
TongHeng Technology