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K2024 2CH 15W*2 TA2024 Mini HiFi Digital Amplifier with Kinter brand

Kinter K2024A+ TA2024 HIFI Digital Power Class T Amplifier With 12V 5A Power Adapter

Kinter k3118 New Arrival 2CH 30 Watts MP3 Digital Power Amplifier

Kinter K3118-2.1 Bass Mini HIF Stereo Car Home Audio Power Amp 2.1 digital Amplifier

kinter MA-140 new design audio power amplifier with USB TF MP3 BT FM for car/bus/motorcycle/tricycle/home/meeting/outdoor use

Kinter M2 AC 90-240V DC 12V universal amplifiers with USB SD FM MIC MP3 bluetooths power amp

Kinter M1 power home audio amplifier with USB/SD/FM/MIC/MP3/BT/digital display/level meter

Kinter-T2 new arrival audio power amplifier with TF USB FM Bluetooths function

Kinter-T1 audio power bluetooths amplifier with USB TF FM

kinter A2 mini card reader with USB/SD

kinter A5 mini card reader with USB/SD/FM/digital display

kinter A7 mini card reader with USB/TF/external control

kinter-002 AC220V 25W 2channel power amplifier

Kinter-003 home audio amplifier with USB/SD/FM

kinter-004A home power amplifier with USB/SD/FM/MIC/digital display

kinter-005 sound amplifier with USB/SD/FM

Kinter-006 audio power amplifier with USB/SD/FM/MIC/LEVEL METER

Kinter-007 AC220V DC12V 30W 2 channel home amplifier

kinter-008 USB SD MIC power amplifier for home

kinter-009 220V karaoke amplifier audio power amplifiers with USB/SD/FM/MIC

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